FCA helps students find wisdom and solace.

Jasmyn Webb, News Editor

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Students in Fellowship of Christian Athletes attend to find comfort and refuge inside and outside of school, an agenda that feeds them with a healthier sense toward life and love.

Hunter Brown, one of the current members, stated that he attends FCA for the benefit of bettering his knowledge and insight of his religion. He states that it’s a place to get away from all his “real world” problems such as school and form a better relationship with God’s word.

Two other members, Domari Simmons and Sidney Bosman added that the reasons for going each week are varied. Domari attends the meeting to be wiser and more in tune with God, and Bosman attends to acquire more about God outside of church.

“I like to see other peoples’ views on God in the community.” Bosman explained.

“I love the way Mr. Watts breaks down the bible and grants me with a clear head and sated mind. It’s calming.” Simmons added.

What Mr. Watts acquires from leading FCA is sharing the word of the Lord with the students, preaching as much as possible, and wishing for everyone around to be safe and happy.

“I did FCA growing up in High School, but someone here asked me to do it for the school, and I was definitely going for it.” Mr. Watts declares passionately.

Watts wishes his students, even to those who don’t appear, to have an open heart to God’s word, even as he tries not to put much of his wording in. He just desires those who need it to feel sheltered and content. Balancing his religion, too, the words Watts speaks to his students provide solitude to him as well, affirming that every word he declares is something the Lord is persistently showing and inspiring him to gift on to others. A matter of his heart, even if he’s been going through something threatening, he pours it out and shares it for his fellow leaders to see.

FCA meetings are held at the New Hope High School library at 7:20 on Wednesday mornings.