Movie Review: “Captain America: Civil War”

Theatrical release poster (Marvel, Disney)

Madison Perkins, Features Editor

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When the Avengers first assembled four years ago, it felt like it would be the best team to ever hit the theaters, the ultimate Marvel superhero occurrence–its four biggest heroes in one movie fighting the evil of the world. But since then, the studio’s expanding filmic universe has brought sequels of varying impressiveness and introduced new heroes in stand-alone movies, but none of it has never really matched up to the original team. Not until now.

With “Captain America: Civil War” featuring deaths, bad feelings all around, alliances formed and broken, two guys with bug names, a kiss, and best superhero battle of all-time, it’s almost easier to say what isn’t in Civil War.

Advertised and merchandised for months now, “Captain America: Civil War” has clearly been one of the most talked about movies for many reasons, particularly for the surprise appearance of a new Spider-Man played by the youngest person to ever play him, Tom Holland, and the highly anticipated post-credit scene.

If you were to tear away all the powers, suits, abilities and egos, “Captain America: Civil War” at its core is a deep examination of family and friends and what sacrifices made to hold on to both.

“Captain America: Civil War” introduces a new team of Avengers who have the responsibility of protecting the people and ensuring the safety of cities around the world, but as terrible events spiral into action the government decides to put them in check. They want to regulate the Avengers and make sure they do not act on their own accord. This leads to a disagreement between former allies Captain America and Iron Man, which sets up an epic battle between a superb group of Marvel superheroes.

Captain America’s team consists of The Winter Soldier, who first made his appearance fighting against Captain America in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” Scarlet Witch, who first made her appearance in the second Avenger’s movie, “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Hawkeye, The Falcon, and Ant-Man. Together, Captain America’s team believes that the government should leave the protection in their hands.

Iron Man leads his own team against the Captain’s containing heroes such as Black Widow, War Machine, Vision, Black Panther, making his first appearance on the big screen, and Spider-Man. Iron Man’s team believes that the government should ensure that they are only called in dire situations.

“Captain America: Civil War” was a thrill to watch and full of great scenes that make you want more. Because of the die-hard Marvel fans, and superhero fans in general, showing up to watch “Civil War,” the movie ended up making $180 million during opening week. It was always catching your eye with its action filled fight scenes that were truly impressive as well as the comedic comments made by your favorite characters.