The legacy of the Xbox 360

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The legacy of the Xbox 360

Shawn White, Managing Editor

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It almost brings me to tears when hearing the production of the Xbox 360 has been stopped. It had a good long and hard run of production. Some of the best moments of my childhood were spent with my friends on the 360.

I had so many games over the years, and met a bunch of new people who became really good friends. It even strengthened the friendships I had with the people I knew in my school.

I remember the day I got my own Xbox 360. It was my tenth birthday, and one person out of fifteen people I invited, ended up showing. Sad, yeah I know, but that didn’t matter to me. I had been asking for an Xbox 360 for months. I had always been a gamer, and this was the first step into my maturity.

The first game I had was a dogfighting game. Not legit dogs, but a plane flying game that I didn’t like that much. Luckily, I had gotten three games with it, and I had this Shrek game that I played everyday for weeks. Those little kid games didn’t last very long.

The next set of games I got were fighting games and shooters. I played my life away those couple years. Most of 2010 to 2013 is a blur to me, due to the fact that nine times out of ten, I was in my living room playing Xbox.

Referring to the Xbox, the 360 went through multiple variations including the original premium, which is the one I have, the Slim, the E, and the Elite. I never bought any of the other systems, because my 360 never broke on me. I considered it a lot, but I did some research and the infamous red ring of death occurred more on the newer models. Good ole Whitney, the name of my 360, never quit on me even to this day. I still pick up new games every once in a while to get her a little play time.

Even though I’ve moved on to my new console, Maxwell, I still reminisce on my 360 days when I have nothing to do after school.