Game Review: Batman Arkham Knight

Cover Art (Rocksteady, Warner Brothers)

Tristen Keopraseut, Photography Editor

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If you play video games and love the DC superhero Batman, you have probably heard about the “Arkham” game series. Batman must try to save Gotham from some of his top villains such as Scarecrow, Penguin, and the Arkham Knight, the mysterious main villain. In the game, the Arkham Knight tells Batman about some of their connections in the past.

I really enjoyed the game because it added many new things that weren’t in the past two games from the series. The producers made a bigger map for the game, allowing you to explore Gotham and do challenges hosted by the Riddler. The game also allowed you to drive the new bat car.

Batman is given a new suit in the game, and that has given him more strength and better speed, which is called fear attack. Fear attack allows you to take out enemies in a matter of seconds, but can only be used sneaking up and not being spotted from the group of enemies. Batman had Joker in him, which made him see him in his conscious. Joker would show Batman stuff about the past dealing with the Jason Todd Robin. The game modes they have in the simulation are one of my favorite parts to do in the game. It allows you to play other characters aside from Batman, such as Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and Arkham Knight.

This game had me anxious for months, and I was wondering whom the Arkham Knight was. My first prediction was the joker, because he had died in the last game and I was thinking he came back to life because of how he was in Batman’s conscience. I was shocked on who the mystery man really was. It turned out to be the Jason Todd Robin. I never would have thought of him being the Arkham Knight because he becomes the villain Red Hood.

This is one of the best Batman story games I have ever played on any console. This is better than the other two Arkham games to me because it added everything other players wanted. I am wondering if they’re going to stick to the Arkham series, or make a whole new series. I am sure they are going to make a series of Batman Origin’s which would be good because the game had a good story to start with.