New Hope partners with MUW for dual credit options

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New Hope partners with MUW for dual credit options

Jasmyn Webb, News Editor

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New Hope High School is partnering with Mississippi University for Women to provide students with dual credit options.

New Hope is specifically converting Advanced Placement (AP) English classes into Composition I and Composition II classes, and adding a history option. Mrs. Kendra Boyett, guidance counselor at New Hope High, explained that Mr. Larry Joblin will be teaching US History I and II, and Mr. Thomas Richardson will be teaching Comp. I and II.

“Since we did not have a faculty member that was certified to teach college Algebra, MUW is going to send us one of their faculty members to teach this subject.” Boyett clarifies.

Dual Credit is a process through which a student may earn high school credit for successfully completing a college course that provides advanced academic instruction beyond, or in greater depth, than a corresponding high school course. Credentialed instructors may teach college courses that offer dual credit at a college or high school campus. That is, instructors must be qualified according to criteria established by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Boyett describes how the accountability model is changing next year, which has a lot to do with the AP test and how the ratio of who passes it affects the school’s standing and who goes into what class.

“In the state model, AP and Dual Credit classes weigh the same. We knew that we would probably have a better passing rate of people passing the Dual Credit class instead of the AP test.”

English Composition courses are designed specifically to give students a firm and solid foundation is basic writing skills. Students will most likely take this class during their first year in college. For Composition I, the course is designed to provide content that enables students to achieve the basic skills of effective writing.

The Composition II course will reinforce concepts students have practiced in Comp. I, but also gives students the chance to put these new concepts to work with more textual analysis and in research papers.

Boyett also explained that how the MUW schedule and NHHS schedule will line up is still up in the air, but the change is for the better.

Boyett stated, “This change is here to stay; Dual Credit has grown in the last two years I’ve been here, so I think it’s something we should all get used to. I think eventually AP is going to fade out.”