Beta Club encourages service

Aubrey Beall, Web/Layout Editor

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The National Beta brings together members from ninth to twelfth grade who help about 7-million students learn how to create a life for themselves. The club has now more than 450,000 active members with 8,750 clubs nationally and internationally. It is known as the nation’s largest independent and educated youth organization. After 80 years in progress, the club still runs smoothly, with many students becoming great leaders for the future.

The New Hope High’s Beta Club admits students in ninth through twelfth that are able to maintain an 85 grade point in their classes. All Beta members are told to reach out and help with community service and projects, such as gathering supplies for different organizations. The club hosts meetings normally on Tuesdays at the beginning of each month to discuss about their up coming events. Mrs. Elizabeth Malone, who is in charge of the club, explained that New Hope started the club back in 1964 and is still around to branch out and help those in the community.

Beta club members also have extra scholarship opportunities if they are able to reach a certain number of hours and projects.

Malone discussed that the future plans for the Beta Club is to get closer with the community and branch out with the Golden Triangle. She continued by saying that Beta club can make students build more confidence by interacting more with people and also making it a challenge to keep their grades up.

“You reach out. And like the National Beta club says ‘Let us lead by serving others’ and the purpose is to follow the motto.”